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Explore the relevance of impact to your business

  • Unravel the impact of your business on society
  • Assess what your impact means to your business
  • Formulate your impact ambition and journey
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Communicate and report on impact

  • Integrate impact communication in your marketing activities
  • Report on impact in your annual accounts
  • Communicate and report year-on-year changes in impact
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Manage business risks by steering on impact

  • Manage business risks by steering on impact
  • Identify key value drivers to reduce business risks
  • Set and steer on relevant impact KPI’s
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Integrate impact in investment decisions

  • Identify investments with both financial and societal gains
  • Take into account impact considerations
  • Demonstrate your impact to (impact) investors
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Set your impact strategy

  • Define strategic impact goals
  • Set and monitor impact KPI’s
  • Weigh financial and societal impact of strategic decisions
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