True Returns

What are true returns?

True returns extend the concept of financial returns by extending cash flows to investors to the full societal value created as a result of an investment. A True returns analysis is based on our flagship Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) method.

  • Measures and values six types of positive and negative impacts of an investment: financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social and human capital impacts
  • Makes impacts comparable by expressing them in one language: money
  • Uses a standardized list and definitions of impact indicators for each capital
  • Supports your value creation model with quantitative evidence
  • Takes into account financial and non-financial impact on all stakeholders
  • Is in line with international developments in integrated reporting, e.g., the framework of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)













    What do we offer?

    An assessment of the positive and negative financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social and human impacts of:

    • Your investment portfolio
    • A selection of your current investments
    • Potential new investments 

    How can you benefit from our services?

    • Optimize investment decisions by integrating impact considerations and improve your business’ impact
    • Increase transparancy and accountability to investors
    • Attract impact capital
    • Integrate impact metrics to evaluate your investment portfolio