True Value

What is True value?

A True Value analysis is an all-round product analysis, that takes into account all positive and negative impacts of its production. The analysis is based on our flagship Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) method.

A True Value analysis:

  • Measures and values six types of positive and negative impacts of a product: financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social and human capital impacts
  • Makes impacts comparable by expressing them in one language: money
  • Uses a standardized list and definitions of impact indicators for each capital
  • Supports your value creation model with quantitative evidence
  • Takes into account impact on all stakeholders
  • Is in line with international developments in integrated reporting, e.g., the framework of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).














What do we offer?

An all-round product analysis, including a:

  • Supply chain analysis
  • Sector benchmark
  • Overview of the business case for improving a product’s impacts, based on the six capitals of IP&L.

For each analysis, all impacts are identified, placed in an impact framework and expressed in financial value.

How can you benefit from our services?

Short – medium term

  • Understand the impact of a product on society
  • Explore the relevance of this impact to your business
  • Define impact priority areas for improvement
  • Credibly communicate (e.g., apply for marketing purposes) and report on the impact of a product

Long term

  • Manage business risks by steering on impact
  • Optimize investment and strategic decisions by integrating impact considerations
  • Drive innovation by incorporating impact information and targets
  • Attract impact capital
  • Increase resilience of your business.

Example projects:

The study provided Schiphol Group better understanding of the impact of their activities.

The study provided ABN AMRO insight into the impact of their mortgage services, their investments in the cocoa chain and the bank as a whole.