Case study: Alliander




How we helped Alliander map their impact strategy using True Price Integrated Profit and Loss method.


Alliander is the largest energy network operator in the Netherlands. The company has a network spanning over 130,000 kilometers and they supply gas and electricity to much of the Netherlands. This service has positive and negative impacts on a massive scale.


Project Description:

In 2016, Alliander and True Price, together with Ecofys, calculated the most material impacts of Alliander’s network activities, as well as the externalities throughout the entire energy chain. Specifically, we examined the impact on six capitals: financial, produced, intellectual, natural, social and human). The most material impacts were quantitively measured and monetized into Alliander’s Annual Integrated Report. This included such externalities as CO2 emissions and the employment of people with distance to the labor market. For this we used True Price’s Integrated Profit and Loss method.

This infographic demonstrates how the Integrated Profit and Loss method allows us to examine all the external costs of Alliander and monetize them to show their impact.

Belangrijkste impacts van Alliander2


Next Steps:

The project gave Alliander the information needed to integrate external costs into their impact strategy. They can then act towards increasing their social contribution and use this to communicate better with their stakeholders.

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