AkzoNobel wins Dutch transparency price with a special mention for 4D P&L

AkzoNobel received the prestigious Dutch Kristal Prijs (Cristal Prize) for their 2014 Annual Report. In the jury report (in Dutch) a special mention was given for the 4DP&L project, that True Price developed together with AkzoNobel’s Sustainability team and Pavan Sukhdev. The jury “applauds the initiative and hopes that it will be followed up, within as well as outside of AkzoNobel” (p54). Jurymembers include HRH Prins Carlos de Bourbon de Parme and Professor Leen Pape.

Download publication: Multidimensional P&L in brief

Today we have two pieces of news.

This morning AkzoNobel has released a press statement about their unique and innovative 4D P&L approach. We developed the project in cooperation with AkzoNobel and Pavan Sukhdev.

And today True Price has launched the publication Multidimensional P&L in brief. This short publication explains that large businesses have seen a remarkable growth in the uptake of impact valuation during the past five years. It includes an overview of the state of the art reports by companies on their financial, social, environmental and human capital costs and benefits across their operations and value chains.

Multdimensional PL


Read here the press statement: AkzoNobel takes impact valuation to the fourth dimension.



True pricing reaches 400k Dutch readers

In the ‘Consumentengids’ of July 2014 you can read the article ‘cheap food has a price’ (‘Goedkoop eten heeft een prijs’, in Dutch). Through this interesting article, True Price has reached 400.000 Dutch readers. Adrian de Groot Ruiz explains that True Price aims to make the hidden effects visible which are not incorporated in the price of a product. By making costs measurable (i.e. the costs of the environment or poor working conditions), True Price wants to stimulate companies to address the hidden effects by, for example, working in a more environmentally friendly way or paying a fair wage.