How we can help you


Create Awareness and Execute Campaigns

  • Make externalities visible
  • Communicate material externalities
  • Promote best practices
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Monitoring and Evaluate Impact

  • Make your data collection process more effective
  • Effectively monitor the size of externalities over time
  • Set policy priority areas based on monitoring results
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Communicate and report on impact

  • Report on impact in your annual accounts
  • Demonstrate year-on-year changes in impact
  • Make communication on impact tangible
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Set your impact strategy

  • Define strategic impact goals
  • Set and monitor impact KPI’s
  • Identify and steer on impact drivers
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Identify Improvements

  • Identify interventions that reduce externalities
  • Assess the financial viability of interventions
  • Priorize between interventions based on expected impact and costs
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Market Transformation

  • Make externalities visible along the value chain
  • Identify, assess and promote improvements along the value chain
  • Monitor externalities over time
  • Facilitate the stakeholder dialogue
  • Execute evidence based campaigns
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