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Service True Price

True Price

The true price of a product reflects the visible as well as the hidden costs of its production. It is defined as the sum of the retail price and the unpaid environmental and social costs, like water use and underpayment.

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True Value

A True Value analysis is an all-round product analysis, that takes into account all positive and negative impacts of its production. The analysis is based on our Integrated Profit & Loss (IP&L) method.

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Service Integrated Profit & Loss

Life Satisfaction Analysis

Life Satisfaction analysis is our flagship method for quantifying how your organization, current projects and potential investments affect well-being of people. Our method can help you a.o. to allocate resources to projects and investments with the highest positive well-being impact, guide (strategic) decisions by including impact considerations and increase accountability to stakeholders by credible impact reporting.

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Service Landscape Valuation

Landscape Valuation

Landscape valuation consists of calculating the value of ecosystem services and biodiversity for different types of land use over different time horizons. For instance, to value the contribution that well-functioning ecosystems alone make to local livelihoods, we have to distinguish the role of ecosystems in value addition from that of labour and other inputs.

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Impact hotspot analysis

Our authoritative Impact hotspot analysis qualitatively maps and analyses relevant impacts of your organization, current projects and potential investments. The analysis can also identify material impacts throughout targeted supply chains of your organization. An important first step is the foundation or sharpening of your value creation model.  The Impact hotspot analysis can help you a.o. define impact priority areas, support internal strategy discussions, prioritize between (potential) projects and externally report on impact.

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Service True Returns

True Returns

True returns extend the concept of financial returns by extending cash flows to investors to the full societal value created as a result of an investment. True returns to investors are based on the impact framework of Integrated Profit & Loss.

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