True Returns

What are true returns?

True returns extend the concept of financial returns by extending cash flows to investors to the full societal value created as a result of an investment. True returns to investors are based on the impact framework of Integrated Profit & Loss:

  • Financial benefits are taken into account for all stakeholders, not just the company.
  • Not all value created or destroyed is in the form of financial capital. We follow the recommendation of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) to show value creation among six capitals: financial, manufactured, intellectual, natural, social and human.
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    What we offer

    • True return scan
      The scan identifies the social and environmental costs and benefits of investment projects into traditional financial metrics. Clients are provided with reports, visuals and data.

    Value for your organization

    • Optimize investment decisions with complete and comprehensive metrics
    • Streamline communications with all stakeholders
    • Create fairer and environmentally friendlier investments