Michel Scholte

Michel Scholte is director and co-founder of True Price. He is a social entrepreneur dedicated to a more equitable economy, in balance with nature and without extreme forms of poverty and suppression.

He has extensive experience as project director, focusing on both social and environmental impact measurement and valuation. In high skilled teams he supports companies, NGO’s and leading institutions improve their impacts. Projects focus on Europe, Asia and Africa.

He is a Sociologist by training, specialized in quantitative and qualitative research methods, such as agent based modelling and participative observations (cum laude BSc, 8 GPA MSc). He did research on a variety of topics, such the rise of populist parties in Europe and the emergence of living wage regulation in cities in the United States.

He is a member of think tank Worldconnectors and alumnus of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Network. In addition, he holds various international advisory board positions in the field of impact measurement and valuation. Before joining True Price, he co-founded NewSilkRoads, an NGO focusing on social entrepreneurship in Egypt, an annual festival focused on social inclusion in Amsterdam and water and sanitation projects in Ghana.

He has a personal interest in contemporary visual art, theatre, public speaking and politics.