AkzoNobel measured its impact with True Price

Today AkzoNobel published its Annual Report 2014. In the section Sustainability statements AkzoNobel presents the pilot project they did on monetizing impacts across the whole value chain of their Pulp and Performance Chemical Business in Brazil, together with True Price and Pavan Sukhdev (GIST).

As a global company active in numerous markets, AkzoNobel is similar to many other large organizations. It generates revenue, incurs costs and create value for shareholders. However, AkzoNobel believes that economic growth cannot be sustained if the underlying natural and social capital upon which wealth creation depends is depleted.

This project allowed AkzoNobel to estimate the return on training investments and identify targeted interventions to address social risks. In addition, AkzoNobel learned that social capital can be improved by creating awareness and continuous improvement on issues around health and safety, rights at work and with local communities.

Source: AkzoNobel Annual Report 2014. Sustainability statements. p. 206, 207.

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