Call for input from experts, True Price members and partners: Principles on Impact Measurement and Valuation

Call for input

We welcome the expertise and perspectives from experts and our platform members and partners. You are invited to apply for access to the document and give input by applying here.

Upon registration you will receive an e-mail with further details on how to access the document and the process of providing feedback. Please note that we gather feedback in English until February 15 2015. The Public Consultation Draft is planned to be published in the spring of 2015 and the final version in the summer of 2015.

Why these Principles?

Businesses, investors, governments, NGOs and consumers increasingly want to know how their actions affect the world. This means that impact measurement and valuation will increasingly influence decisions, which offers a great opportunity. Many organizations are developing methods for impact measurement and valuation (individually or in coalitions), which cover different aspects, have different points of departure and speak ‘different languages’. By publishing these Principles, True Price aims to contribute to the process of seeing a convergence of methods, allowing for synergies and standardization of them and proposes these Principles to be used in method development.

What’s new?

The Platform Consultation Draft specifies the types of methods that can be governed by the Principles. It provides definitions, requirements for methods regarding scope, main elements and application. Highlights include a specific definition of impact based on the novel concept of ‘valuables’, a decision theoretic basis for impact valuation in different dimensions, steps to be taken for an impact assessment or valuation and clarification on how to define different metrics.