The first roses with a true price reach the market

In a collaboration between Hivos and True Price, the true price of roses in Kenya was calculated.

The results reached the market immediately: the first roses at a true price were sold at Fleurmonde (Amsterdam) on Black Friday. Curious to learn more about how much the roses you buy should really cost?

Find out now in this short explainer video.

Did you know where Katja Schuurman buys her bananas?

Did you know where the actress, social entrepreneur and founder of Return to Sender, Katja Schuurman, buys her bananas?

De Aanzet had the honor to have Katja as the first customer to pay the true prices for her groceries.
Curious to see the full shopping experience of Katja? Watch this in the video below!


Join the True Price Movement in 2021!

A growing number of farmers, producers, shops, wholesalers, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets work on true pricing. A True Price is the market price plus the social and environmental costs of a product.

2020 was the year of COVID. The global interdependence shared the true cost of a local meat market with the world, destroying some 1.3 million lives, a multitude of healthy lives and decades of economic progress.

2020 also marked the opening of the world’s first True Price Store, and the world’s first supermarket. For over a month, customers of De Aanzet have been paying the true price for tomatoes, zucchini and bread, among other products. “I take time at the checkout to explain, even if there is a queue.” explained Maarten in an interview with Trouw (in Dutch).

Michel Scholte, Director of True Price: “The opening of the first supermarket with true prices is a historic moment, which we will look back on in ten years as a breakthrough in sustainable consumption.”

Maarten Rijninks, Co-owner at Supermarket De Aanzet: “My customers want transparency, especially in terms of the true costs of the products they buy. They believe insight into the hidden costs of products will help them understand the benefits of local and organic food.”

In 2021, join our growing movement of consumers, businesses, institutions that want to see and improve the True Price of products. Visit De Aanzet, located in the heart of Amsterdam to buy your first true priced groceries. Stay tuned to our social media channels and our website for more information on how to become part of the movement.

Missed the opening of the first true price supermarket during the True Price Festival? Here is a recap!

Join the True Price Festival on Black Friday

Join the first True Price Festival, hosted online on Black Friday, the 27th of November 2020.

A growing number of farmers, producers, shops, wholesalers, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets are working on true pricing. On Black Friday (27th of November), the first Amsterdam True Price Festival will take place. The first supermarket in the world where consumers can actually pay the true price, will be opened.

Support your favourite true price product

As consumer or professional buyer you can learn more about the true price of products in stores and cafés and already pay the true price (voluntarily). Various products will be presented on their way to a true price. You will have the chance to support a product, by expressing an intention to buy it. The ‘line-up’ of the festival includes quality coffee, flowers and T-Shirts.

Secure your ticket now!

Are you as excited as we are to become part of a key moment for true pricing? Join our event by signing up here.


The festival is organized with the support of a growing number of partners and sponsors.


Network Partners

New Report: The Netherlands with True Prices (in Dutch)

True Price published a report the Netherlands with True Prices (Nederland met Echte Prijzen).

The report was handed over to Stientje van Veldhoven, the Dutch Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Water Management. Our Executive Director Michel Scholte presented the report to her at the Springtij Festival, a three day conference focused on sustainability, as was broadcasted and recorded below. The report is a joint publication of True Price, MVO Nederland and Springtij.


Unique about the report is that it provides public and private sector professionals an overview of the richt variety of applications of True Pricing. In total the report includes almost fifty applications on True Pricing. The illustrations show that True Pricing is an instrument to support fairer prices and payments, but can be used for many more applications.

For governments, this includes applications in public procurement, cost-benefit analysis and smart taxation. For businesses it includes sustainability strategy, marketing and decision-making. For financial institutions it includes improved risk assessments and impact measurement. Lastly, for civil society organisations it includes lobby and advocacy and consumer activism.

The report aims to inspire political parties in the run up to the Dutch Parliamentary elections in March 2021.

The report is in Dutch and can be downloaded here.