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What is the true price or true cost of your favorite products?

The true price of a product provides a clear measure. The true price consists of the market price of a product and all external costs (true costs) associated with production. The lower the true cost, the more sustainable the cocoa.

For most of us, it’s hard to imagine a day without a cup of coffee. It’s what we start our day with or have over good conversations with friends.

But have you ever considered the background and labor that goes into producing the coffee you drink?

Hard to resist and easy to love.  Have you ever considered where the cocoa beans for the chocolate bar you eat is from?

What’s the true price and/or true costs of the chocolate you chose to eat?

Part of your daily ritual. And you’re not alone in that. It’s a beverage ingrained in many different cultures. Varying from Asia to the middle east to Europe.

But what is the true price of the tea you drink?

One of the most traded fruits in the world and an essential income good to many farmers in developing countries.

But what is the true costs of the banana you eat?

A staple food that can be eaten for every meal. We almost all eat it daily with our own variation: as toast, for a sandwich, or on the side of your pasta.

What is the true cost that comes with bread?

Found in most products and often added to foods you eat daily, but it goes unnoticed by most consumers.

What is the true costs of the palm oil? It may surprise you which products have palm oil as an ingredient, think about peanut butter and ice cream.

An unisex fashion item that has become an essential feature in our wardrobes.  What is the true price of your T-shirt?

Given and received as a sign of celebration, love or loss. But what is the true price of a flower? It will surprise how little we’ll have to change the price to cover external costs.

A dairy product we almost all drink in our own variation: with our cornflakes, in our cappuccino or just as is. What is the true cost that comes with milk?