Join the True Price Festival 2021 on Black Friday!

Every year, consumption around Black Friday grows. The buying frenzy completely ignores the climate crisis and the human rights violations that come along with the production of many consumer goods. Following the success of last year, this year True Price organizes the second edition of the True Price Festival, to challenge Black Friday.

On November 26 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM you can follow the festival via a live stream, including keynotes in the line-up, an exciting True Price quiz and the opening of the brand new True Price café. True Price and the first supermarket with true prices, De Aanzet, will also show you what happens after consumer have paid the true price.

The True Price Festival is the perfect time to learn more about how we can consume differently.

You can now register for the Festival via the link below!

Made possible by our partners Yespers, Impact Institute and De Aanzet.