Interview True Price on Nieuwsuur

Last week the popular Dutch daily news show ‘Nieuwsuur’ (News hour) devoted an elaborate item on True Pricing, on the occasion of the True Price Conference on December 11. Nieuwsuur is a Dutch television program that shows the Dutch public daily news highlights of the day.

It featured amongst others William van Niekerk (Director Corporate Social Responsibility at Royal BAM Group) and Michel Scholte (External Affairs Director True Price), about the True Price of Asphalt, a project True Price executed for BAM. Also True Price Platform partners Geanne van Arkel (Sustainable Development at Interface) and Pieter van der Gaag (Interim Director Natural Capital Coalition) were featured.

Millions of viewers were told that the dominant view in the past that the use of natural resources such as rivers, forests and ecosystems come at no cost and can be used freely, will end. That is because of depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation and the effects of climate change.

Also, it was announced that True Price presented the ‘Impact Measurement and Valuation’ methodology, that would lie the foundations for companies to calculate the True Price of their products. In the item, Michel Scholte says: “The goal is not to make products more expensive. The goal is to make products that have less social and environmental costs’’.

To see the full discussion you can watch the video or read the article on the Nieuwsuur website (in Dutch).