Launch of True Price platform

The launch of our multi-stakeholder Platform for valuing social and natural capital was celebrated on June 24 with an exciting first preview of the True Price Method, which the Platform will incubate and publish in the course of 2014. Companies can use the protocol to monetise social- and ecological impacts and calculate their True Price, True Profit and Loss, and True Returns.

The Platform was launched during a special meeting at the Royal Tropical Institute, with representatives of True Price’s partners and advisory board members such as Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Herman Wijffels. During the meeting, Wijffels stated: “it is highly important to gain an overview of vulnerabilities, in a world that we are usurping. True prices will help people to see our way of living from a different perspective. This will help us make better choices.” Rinnooy Kan added: “True pricing is an essential ingredient in building a sustainable economy. One that does not need to be dictated, but rather one that is steered by the decisions of rational producers and consumers.”

In the coming months, True Price and partners will further develop and test the protocol. This summer, four pilots will be conducted with different companies to calculate the actual true price of individual products.

Organizations connected to the platform are AkzoNobel, CNV International, DSM, IDH, FMO, NCDO, Rabobank, the Oxfam Novib Grow Campaign, the Teeb-for-Business coalition, Triodos Foundation and Worldconnectors.

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