True Price and Wageningen Economic Research developed six natural capital modules for the true price assessment of agri-food products within the PPS True and Fair Price for Sustainable Products. Each impact-specific module contains the key methodological aspects to measure and value one specific environmental impact of agri-food products and value chains:

•  Land use, land use change, biodiversity and ecosystem services

•  Contribution to climate change

•  Air, soil and water pollution

•  Soil degradation

•  Scarce water use

•  Fossil fuel and other non-renewable material depletion.

The six natural capital modules will be complemented by seven social and human capital modules. All the impact-specific modules methodologically follow the Valuation framework for true pricing of agri-food products, which contains the theoretical framework, normative foundations and valuation guidelines, and the Assessment Method for True Pricing of Agri-Food products, which contains modelling guidance and requirements for scoping, data and reporting.

Together, these documents present a method that can be used for true pricing of agri-food products, and potentially other products as well.

Please, find the modules below.