Reblog Feike Sijbesma in The Guardian: "Shift to a circular economy is under way, from crop waste to solar"

In reality, there are no scarce resources, we just make them scarce. Through new supply chains, technology and policy, we can secure a future for generations

By Feike Sijbesma, CEO Royal DSM

In te above image, children look for recyclables at a dump in Paranaque. In a circular economy, waste will be input for next round(s) of producing products. Photograph: Ezra Acayan/Demotix/Corbis

We are currently in a linear economy. We find and extract raw materials, including agricultural products, we process and consume these and then throw our goods away, even calling them “waste”. Today, members of the Circular Economy 100 along with business and academic leaders meet in London for the annual Circular Economy 100 summit to explore systemic issues surrounding the move towards a circular system, where all kinds of – intermediate – forms of waste will be the input for the next round(s) of producing products.

With a circular approach we can address the big challenges regarding the world food problem, the uneven distribution and consumption of raw materials, waste, climate change and developing new (bio-) renewable alternative energy sources.

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