‘The Business Case for True Pricing’ Report- second edition including new monetization cases is available!

After an exciting consultation period in which experts and professionals have provided input on the consultation draft of the report, we are proudly presenting to you the second edition of The Business Case for True Pricing report.

Deloitte, EY, PwC and True Price have compiled this report in which you will read about the tremendous opportunities which monetizing social and environmental impact presents. The report includes new case studies from Solvay, Kering, Infosys, DSM, BAM, Holcim, Hivos and Tony’s Chocolonely,  illustrating how organizations use monetization to step up their management of externalities (an organisation’s costs or benefits to society).  We believe that this report is highly relevant to your organisation, as it will help you understand what monetizing is all about and how it can support the business case for sustainability.

Join us to be at the forefront of the global trend towards making externalities a tangible factor in decision making. We wish you a good read!

Download the report here: