True pricing as a means to accelerate accomplishment of SDGs

Various themes are being discussed in the run up to the announcement of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals at the UN. Among them, impact measurement and valuation are recognized as tools for the realization of sustainable development. Three articles in the current zero draft refer to the measurement, reporting, improvement and pricing of impacts of the private sector. True pricing can play an important role in bringing to light what is needed to accomplish these goals by measuring and valuing environmental and social externalities.

Michel Scholte, Director of External Affairs, presented the case for true pricing and the Sustainable Development Goals to Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch Minister of International Trade and Development Cooperation. “The lack of true prices of products will hinder the achievement of the SDG’s”, Scholte said. The presentation was held at the debate: “Raising the Game: who pays for the new development agenda?” organized by Oxfam Novib and Vice Versa in Amsterdam on June 10.


Minister Ploumen said during the event that: “True Price is a great initiative that helps translate important issues into concrete and real prices.”


Watch the full presentation below.  You find the contribution of True Price in the clip below at 50:36m and the response of the Minister at 1:05:43m (in Dutch).

The meeting was organized in the running up of the negotiations of the Finance for Development agreement that will take place in Addis Abeba from 13-16 of July, in which the framework for the funding of the Sustainable Development Goals will be agreed on by international public and private sector stakeholders.