True Price changes into a 100% social enterprise

True Price started 2016 with a new governance structure. The board of True Price and its directors have decided to continue as a 100% social enterprise. We are very enthusiastic about joining a growing group of businesses that pursue societal goals in an entrepreneurial way. As such, we are proud members of Social Enterprise NL.

Since we started True Price in 2012, our mission has been to provide organizations with the language and data they need to contribute to an economy that creates value for all. To realize this, we need to provide our customers with the best service and open source methods. We can do this better as a 100% social enterprise than as the non-profit hybrid between foundation and social enterprise that we have been. For this reason, True Price has ceased being a foundation and will continue as a social enterprise with Adrian de Groot Ruiz and Michel Scholte as the new owners. The board members of the foundation will continue their involvement as Advisory Board members of the company.

With the transition, we will discontinue the membership and partnership structure of True Price. We thank our members and partners for their trust and support.

We will continue with our core activities and our mission will remain the same. This means that True Price will continue to provide organizations with the tools they need to measure, value and improve their impact and by leveraging its state-of-the-art open source methods.