Tool and Dashboard

Once impact is a focus in your strategy, it’s key to maintain a real time overview of where your company stands. This tool allows your company to be versatile, and take the right action points at the right time. Lastly, this tool will help to accurately communicate your milestones through marketing and all company stakeholders.

What: Once advice and impact goals have been established, Value 21 develops a tool and dashboard which enables you to manage and keep track of your companies’ impact efficiently.

How: This tool repeats measurements and data collection, so you can efficiently measure and value your impact and manage your data instantly. This enables you to report, steer and communicate your impact.

Why: Our tools are based on our methods, which are unique in their precision. This provides you with great quality at a good price.

Measurement Trajectory

Manage, Improve and Communicate your True Price.

What: True Price can set up a tailored data management system and dashboard for you to measure and track the true price of your products. This will enable you to credibly communicate your true prices and further improve them.

Why: Brands that aim to be truly sustainable face three key challenges: (i) they do not know how sustainable they are, (ii) they do not know what needs to be done to be fully sustainable and (iii) they cannot credibly differentiate themselves from less sustainable brands. True Pricing solves these three challenges.

True Pricing: Piloting Trajectories

What: The boundaries in true pricing, is not to only show the true price but also offer your customers to pay the true price. We offer a pilot pathway for your company to implement transparency and voluntarily payment of the true price, covering the Living Wage and CO2 of your products throughout the value chain.

How:  We first determine whether this trajectory is feasible for your company and product(s) based on a first estimate of the gap and the implementation costs. If it is deemed feasible by yourselves and us, we proceed with measuring the true price of your product(s) and the size of the CO2 and living wage gap. Third, with you, your partner and your partners we set up a pilot system that enables consumers to pay a true price, allows remediation of all CO2 emissions and delivers the required extra payment to the workers who do not get a living wage.

Why: Inform your clients that your company is part of the most innovative and powerful movement to transform markets towards sustainability: voluntary true pricing. This will give you a competitive advantage for sustainability in your industry, being ahead of the pack while improving the world.