About True Pricing

As the world becomes more aware of the need for sustainable change to save ourselves and our planet,  the need for transformation of the food system is also increasing. True pricing is a growing theme on the national and international level among companies, governments, consumers and scientists, as a solution towards a sustainable food system.

What is the true price?

The true price consists of the market price including all social and environmental externalities.

What is true pricing?

True Pricing is an effective instrument to make products more sustainable,  by structurally decreasing the social and environmental damage in the value chain. We aim to do so by calculating and improving the true price of products. The objective of true pricing is not to make your products more expensive, but to make them more sustainable.

How can true pricing help to make your products more sustainable?

  1. It offers market players insights into the place in the value chain and the   On this basis, parties can reduce external costs through innovation.
  2. It offers more transparency to consumers and market players so that they opt for the more sustainable alternative. This leads to an increase in the share of sustainable products and will incentivize all market players to decrease external costs.
  3. It offers consumers or other market parties the opportunity to pay the true price. With the additional contribution, and future external costs can be reduced.


Why incorporate true pricing in your organization?

  1. Increase awareness of the external costs of products among consumers and employees through transparency;
  2. Improve the sustainability of your brand through transparency;
  3. Initiate the payment of true prices to allow consumers to restore, compensate and prevent (future) damage to nature and people;
  4. Lay the foundation for innovative projects to decrease the external costs within your supply chains.

True Pricing products

With our products, you will receive true price insights into your products. You can use these insights to make your products more sustainable, show them to your customers and followers and enable customers to (voluntarily) pay the true price.

True Price Scan

In a true price scan, the true price of a selection of products (selected by you) is estimated on farm-level, based on ingredient-country and sector-country data. These estimations can be supplemented with the impact of transport, processing, wholesale and retail.


Timeline: a true price scan takes between 2 and 6 months
Time investment: limited data collection from your side
Scans can be tailored to your specific needs and requests
Costs (indication): 5 – 35 K. (dependent on the scope)

Contact us for more information on the True Price Scans!

Tailored true price analyses

We also offer more tailored true price analyses, based on more primary and product-specific data, workshops, training, data and other services. Feel free to reach out to get more information on how we can help you.

For which organisations?
Our tailored analyses are suitable for supermarkets, shops, restaurants, coffee bars, catering companies and fashion brands.

Some of the true pricing pioneers include:


True Price Database

True Price is developing a database with true price estimates for 100+ products from all over the world. The database will consist of hundreds of true price estimates of food, fashion and other products. Companies, individuals, and organizations can get access to the database through purchasing a license.

Currently, the database is under development. We expect to publish a first version of the database later this year.

How to implement true prices in your online and physical outlet?

We offer organizations valuable, cost-efficient, and effective services to start their true price journey. We can support you with data, tools, communications, and cash register advice. Implementing true pricing into your organization, internally and externally, has never been easier.