We believe that true pricing is a bedrock of a sustainable and inclusive economy. For this reason, we have developed the True Price Manifesto to outline the philosophy behind the true price vision.


We see a global economy that is broken and want to fix it. Economic growth has produced prosperity for many but has also been a key driver behind some the largest societal problems. Production and consumption have led to underpayment, child labour, climate change, declining biodiversity and many other so-called externalities.

We believe a sustainable and inclusive economy is possible. This is an economy that respects universal rights by preventing any breach and, as a last resort, remediates any damage caused due to breaches that could not be avoided. The technology, knowledge and skills to achieve this are there but need to be put to right cause.
We recognise that universal rights and collective action are the solution. To safeguard that current and future generations can pursue a good and dignified life collective action such as the Sustainable Development Goals are necessary. Collective action needs a solid normative foundation for shared understanding and accountability. Human Rights law and other declarations and resolutions provide this foundation.


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Download the complete True Price Manifesto above and check out our Roadmap for True Pricing. We’ve also published open source methodology documents for true pricing: Principles for Tue Pricing and Monetisation Factors for True Pricing 

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We think a crucial step in realising a sustainable and inclusive economy is true pricing. The true price is the price you have to pay for a product if social and environmental costs are added on top of the market price. Only when all products will be true priced the market will incentivise prevention and remediation of social and environmental costs, and the universal rights of current and future generations will be respected.

We need you to be part of this. For a sustainable and inclusive economy everyone has a role to play. Governments have a duty to protect the rights of all people, businesses have a responsibility to respect these rights, prevent breaches and remediate harm. And everyone, as a consumer, shares this responsibility, as a driving force in the economy.