True Price’s mission is to make it possible for everyone to see and improve true prices. To do so, we develop open access methods in collaboration with experts and stakeholders. Interested in learning more? Download our methodology documents.

This consultation draft contains the Principles for True Pricing as envisioned by the True Price Foundation. The principles contain the beliefs, norms, and values we endorse to realise the true price vision, defining in practical terms what true pricing means, and setting forth the basis of an applicable method for determining true prices.

The latest, open access version of the monetisation factors for environmental and social impacts, with the aim to facilitate the adoption and application of true pricing, fill a gap in the literature, and accelerate standardisation.

A methodology for the use of true pricing of agri-food products

Six natural capital modules that contain the key methodological aspects to measure and value the environmental impacts of agri-food products and value chains.



Our latest published reports and other publications are available below.

A calculation of the real costs of Fruitmotor apples in 2019 in comparison with the real costs of the average Dutch apple.

This vision paper proposes a roadmap to realize a sustainable economy with true pricing at its core.

Calculating the true price gap for a pair of jeans, using cotton and denim production in India and jeans manufacturing in Bangladesh.

The cost of cocoa production and the progress made in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana from 2013 & 2018.

An analysis of the added value of social participation pathways for people distant from the labour market.

Living wage gap benchmark analysis of roses grown in Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia sold by large Dutch retailers.

The household income of cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire and strategies for improvement.

Wage gap benchmark analysis of roses from Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia sold at major retailers in the Netherlands.

Providing a perspective for the diamond business to help them understand and improve their societal impact.

The social effects of food, an exploration of a new methodology. The methodology as developed in this report provides a proof-of-principle of mapping the social effects of food.

The business case for a Living Wage Rose in Kenya, an exploration on closing the gap across the entire supply chain. Part of a broader societal move towards living wage supply chains.

External costs of Banana Production: Measuring the True Price of Banana production to contribute to a sustainable system. (REPORT IN DUTCH)

Report about the business case for transparency. Based on lessons learnt in the Green Deal Cooperation towards Transparency in Natural and Social Capital 2014-2016.

IDH and True Price have calculated the societal costs of cotton from India.

IDH and True Price have calculated the societal costs of tea from Kenya.

IDH and True Price have calculated the societal costs of coffee from Vietnam.

IDH and True Price have calculated the societal costs of cocoa from Ivory Coast.

True Price supported ABN AMRO in their first attempt to measure the impact of their mortgage services, their investments in the cocoa chain and the bank as a whole.

A foundational report by True Price and the University of Groningen for developing guidelines on fair compensation.

True Price publishes ‘Integrated Profit & Loss: Creating shared value with integrated thinking’.

True Price publishes ‘Multidimensional P&L in brief’.

Why you will benefit from measuring, monetizing and improving your impact.