The last few years have witnessed growing numbers of companies and organisations employing true pricing practises. As the application of true pricing becomes more widespread, a common understanding of or consensus around its rationale, procedures and underlying normative and technical foundations will be necessary.

This consultation draft contains the Principles for true pricing as envisioned by the True Price Foundation. The principles contain the beliefs, values and framework we endorse to realise the true price vision, defining in practical terms what true pricing means and setting forth the basis of an applicable method for determining true prices. In addition, we provide a preliminary list of impacts in scope for true pricing.

The next step is to further develop these principles in collaboration with experts and stakeholders together with Impact Economy Foundation. The principles can serve as the basis for a much needed, harmonised methodology for true pricing which will accelerate transparency, remediation and, ultimately, the creation of a level playing field – steps that are critical to achieving the sustainable and inclusive economy the world needs today.

The current version will be further improved based on expert and stakeholder feedback. True Price openly invites comments on the paper. Are you an expert or a representative of an organisation interested in using the True Price method and want to get involved in its development? During the coming months, we are holding a consultation period. if you would like to contribute to the principles, please send an email to


We are keen to understand better who will be reading our methodologies. Therefore, we kindly request that you leave your contact details to download the document.