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True Price selected to co-develop the Natural Capital Protocol


True Price is part of a consortium that was selected to develop and test the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) and associated Sector guides for Food & Beverage and Apparel. Partners […]

Report IMF: Calculate the True Price of Energy


Recently, the IMF has launched a new book “Getting Energy Prices Right. From Principles to Practice.” In the book a team of IMF fiscal experts calculated the costs of climate […]

“Change the world? Start a company!”

social enterprise unraveled8

Reading tip: our partner, Social Enterprise NL, has launched a book: ‘Social Enterprise Unraveled‘. It showcases social enterprises like Tony’s Chocolonely and Taxi Electric which are Dutch best practices, and […]

True pricing reaches 400k Dutch readers


In the ‘Consumentengids’ of July 2014 you can read the article ‘cheap food has a price’ (‘Goedkoop eten heeft een prijs’, in Dutch). Through this interesting article, True Price has […]

Presentation at Ministry of Economic Affairs

True Price presentation Ministry of Economic Affairs

On the 15th of July, True Price gave a presentation for more than 150 public administrators, at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs about our report ‘The business case of […]

True Price @Reporting 3.0 Platform conference


Executive director Adrian de Groot Ruiz will hold a presentation at Reporting 3.0 Platform organized by @aheadahead1 #sustainability #reporting3 #trueprice

Reblog Feike Sijbesma in The Guardian: “Shift to a circular economy is under way, from crop waste to solar”

Copyright TheGuardian

In reality, there are no scarce resources, we just make them scarce. Through new supply chains, technology and policy, we can secure a future for generations By Feike Sijbesma, CEO Royal […]

Animation: True Pricing explained in 4 minutes (in Dutch)

Duurzaam made a great animated video that explains the principles of True Pricing and highlights our work. Watch it above (in Dutch)!

True Price & Tony’s Chocolonely Raise the Bar

At the annual Tony’s Fair, Tony’s Chocolonely published their Jaarfairslag 2014 (annual report, in Dutch), in which they announced that they intend to reduce the negative impact of their bar to […]

Last week to join the consultation: “The Business Case for True Pricing”

Business case report

After an exciting couple of weeks, we have now entered the last week of our online consultation around “The Business Case for True Pricing“: the report we are writing together […]