Monetisation factors are key to true cost accounting and true pricing. They are the monetary values we use for true pricing of CO2 emissions, water use, soil degradation, land use change, underpayment and labour and human rights violations.

True Price has, over the past nine years, developed the principles and methodology to monetise a wide set of social and environmental costs. This document provides the latest open access version of the monetisation factors developed by True Price, with the aim to facilitate the adoption and application of true pricing, fill a gap in the literature and accelerate standardisation. The monetisation factors are the backbone of the true price methodology, powering studies such as the UN Food Systems Summit’s The True Cost and True Price of Food report and the Rockefeller Foundation’s True Cost of Food report. It provides monetisation factors for 10 environmental and 10 social true price impacts and their footprint indicators and sub-indicators, along with an explanation of the interpretation and sources.

True Price strives to make its monetisation database scientifically and normatively sound, comprehensive and applicable. The Principles for True Pricing provide the foundation for our methodology.

Monetisation Factors for True Pricing

Version 2.0.3 (2021) – October 2021
In this version, new impacts and indicators (such as nitrogen deposition, soil compaction and photochemical oxidant formation) have been added, others have been updated to the latest standards (such as the biodiversity valuation method), the penalty application for social impacts has been revised.

These monetisation factors are compatible with the usual footprint indicators of the previous version, except for terrestrial ecotoxicity.
You can find additional documentation on our methodology here.

Previous version
Monetisation Factors for True Pricing. Version 2020.1 – March 2020
This publication provided the first open access version of the monetisation factors developed by True Price as a first step towards an open access True Price Monetisation Database.

The current version will be further improved based on expert feedback and True Price openly invites comments on the paper.
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